Darren’s Transit Map of Louisville

Not an official TARC document. Provided without warranty.


This transit map of Louisville contains GTFS route data from TARC, street map data from OpenStreetMap, and my own markup. It’s meant to be useful, not pretty. Graphic design is not my passion. I’ve created it for a number of reasons:

  • to learn Inkscape,
  • to have a map I can print out and more easily annotate,
  • to see where all the stops are,
  • and as a hobby.

Enjoy this map, and happy TARCin’!

Download The Map

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Now reflects numerous changes since 2018:

  • Restructuring of Route 18 into Routes 18, 10, and 28.
  • Removal of almost all express routes as well as Routes 62, 20, 82, 1, and 77.

iOS Users

You absolutely can use iBooks or Safari to view the PDF, but you may or may not like the following third-party options:

If you come across any other suitable PDF viewer apps,please let me know.


  • This map does not show shopper shuttles, downtown circulators, “hop” routes, or UPS shuttles.
  • There is no detailed Downtown map.

Official information, including routes and other details not shown on this map, is available from TARC’s web site or by calling 502-585-1234. Their friendly telephone operators and other public-facing staff need not be concerned about some guy's hobbyist map when they're trying to do their job, so please don't mention it to them.

Copyright & License

Copyright 2010–2020 Darren Embry.
Map data Copyright OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (CC-BY-SA).

The author is not affiliated with the Transit Authority of River City. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind. In other words, I am not responsible for any loss incurred due to inaccuracies in this map. But I try to be as accurate as I can, and will happily fix any mistakes.


Send comments, corrections, clarifications, etc. to dse at webonastick dot com.

Other Unofficial Transit Maps of Louisville!

  • Someone at K Composite Media did this subway-style map. I’m so used to traditional street maps of Louisville so this one's actually a little mind-bending.
  • This map showing one man's idea of what Louisville’s transit system could be in the future exists, in the form of another subway-style map.

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