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2002-03-19: Yes, I have collected many maps since 2001-02-05, when the database was last updated. However, I've not felt like spending the time typing them all in. Sorry.

Darren Stuart Embry's
Map Collection

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A map of the central part of Louisville, generated by the U.S. Census Tiger Mapping Service.


Some of you might be wondering, why?

This collection, acquired gradually over the course of a few years, contains maps of all varieties, new and old. These maps are not available for sale or trade. I do not collect maps for their resale value, nor for petroliana novelty value. I collect them because I enjoy using them and looking at the finer details of their cartography, though I don't claim to be an expert in cartography or in any related field.

The Collection

As of 2001-02-05, 575 items are listed in this collection. I am in the process of catching up to about 200 or so maps I haven't yet catalogued due to laziness on my part in the past couple months. Lots of typing to do, for sure.

And yes, I'm listing the crap here, too. Separate editions are counted individually, but multiple copies of the same edition are counted as one. The map collection database used to generate these pages was most recently modified on Friday, 30-Aug-2002 19:33:11 EDT.

Scans Of Selected Maps

Separate pages for certain maps containing further detailed descriptions, reviews, and scans. These will trickle in when I find the spare time to scan and write descriptions and/or reviews. Again, keep in mind that I'm just a map enthusiast who actually doesn't know crap about cartography. :) I have separate pages for so far the following maps:


Related Sites

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